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our projects

We wish to continue our actions in favor of children, education and health within the villages and in particular in Roff.  

We are also initiating a new project with the objective of helping to develop a sustainable activity for the autonomy of the inhabitants and in particular of young people.

We are at the beginning with the aid for the creation and development of a Gie (Culture and solidarity of Roff).

It is very important for us in relation to our values to participate in our measure in eco-citizenship, which we do by using recyclable materials for our productions, sales and sharing that we promote by offering organic, artisanal products from Senegal and also trying to involve local and regional partners.  

As part of our actions to raise awareness of international solidarity, we participate in various events and are in contact  with schools from primary to high school, if you are interested contact us.


Awareness of international solidarity  


Participation in the Solidarity Festival  


Education for citizenship and international solidarity (ECSI),  allows us to better understand the world around us, to  become aware of the interdependencies, and to choose to act for  help societies evolve towards greater solidarity, while protecting  the environment. This festival is open to audiences of all ages and  it takes place in partnership with organizations and associations  local, the opportunity to get to know each other and complement each other. He organizes himself  around several workshops and animations, the opportunity also to  introduce and interest young people in our actions


Partnership with French students 

Joan of Arc High School  

As part of a partnership with the Lycée Jeanne  from Arc to Albertville we have the pleasure of working  with a group of Bac Professionnel sales students  for their project to present during their final exam.  A dynamic team that organized and participated in  the collection of school materials and actions for the  funding for sending it.  


Joseph Fontanet College in Frontenex  


One of the new guidelines for  programs  schools for 6th graders have  to raise their awareness of solidarity  international. For this purpose we have established a  partnership with the Joseph Fontanet college for a  correspondence between a class in Savoie and a  class in Boyard in Senegal.

Accompaniment of  Pays de Savoie solidarity


Created in 1988 on the initiative of the General Council of Savoy to lead  its policy of international solidarity, the association Pays de Savoie  solidaires has two areas of work, including the development of solidarity  international in Savoie (via the RéSIS). The Department supports  initiatives and dynamics of international solidarity that exist everywhere  on its territory on the initiative of the Savoyards. United Savoy countries  accompanies these international solidarity initiatives: first  solidarity experience, development support projects, education for  citizenship and international solidarity.  Several services (mostly free) are offered: information,  individualized consulting support, training, exchange of experiences, assembly  of collective projects, ... we were able to benefit from it by several  meetings, training and project assistance. Valuable support

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